The ghost of Christmas past

Although hardly anyone here in Holland can claim it’s that “most wonderful time of the
year” with ill news reports on almost everything, end-of-the-world predictions by a few
ancient Indians and an endless Dutch rain, we’re still feeling sentimental.

Looking back on 2012 we’ve come to the conclusion that this has definitely been the
best year of our musical lives. Starting in a small pub in Groningen and now ending
at very other side of The Netherlands in Landgraaf tomorrow. In between some crazy
dreams have come true, teaming up with Redfield Records, Rock n’ Roll Highschool,
Sparta Entertainment, Suburban and Aces High. Thanks to all of those guys (and girls)
for working their butts of for us. Furthermore we did over 70 shows, playing Groezrock,
The Paradiso, Speedfest, releasing Bright Companions in a sold-out Tivoli de Helling and
lot’s more. Richard made a little movie about it:

Closing down this year we feel pretty much warmed up for the next. And it will start in
the exact same place as it did last year. We’re playing Eurosonic Noorderslag. An honour
for sure and a good place to get the crowd and the business peeps going. If you happen to
be around drop by at one of our shows that weekend.

We’ve had a pretty clear warning from both our booking agencies to keep our agendas
free in 2013, so we’re passing that warning on to you. We’ll be playing even more next
year so there’s a fat chance that John Coffey will be coming to your town. The first dates
are already online so take a look at the show section.
Make sure to buy your tickets in advance.

See you next year!

Joy to the world,
Alfred // John Coffey

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